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Private Mindfulness sessions


4, 6, or 8 week sessions

Private sessions are completely customizable based on your unique needs and what you’d like to explore and discover in your own life. Allison's individual students reduce stress by an average of 49% after completing 8 sessions. 


Meditation is about uncovering who you already are, cultivating what’s going well with you, rather than focusing on the negative. Through careful and gentle attending to your own experience, as it is, your world can transform, beginning from the inside out. There’s understanding mindfulness intellectually and conceptually, then there’s knowing it directly from your own experience and inquiry. Through experiential learning, mindfulness makes us happier, healthier, and live with more focus, patience and compassion for yourself and others. How long have you been ignoring your well-being? You deserve to make self-care a priority.

Packages of 4, 6, and 8 sessions are available. Sessions are 50-minutes in length. Daily home practice assignments and meditation recordings are offered and strongly recommended. It is strongly encouraged that participants spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes per day practicing formal meditation on the 6 days in between our live sessions. Sessions are based off MBSR principles and build on the one prior.


Mindfulness increases self-reflection and optimizes calm and well-being.



A regular mindfulness practice increases focus, attention and creativity.


Learn how to respond to stressors with more wisdom and discernment rather than reacting from emotional states blindly



Enjoy individual instruction, coaching and support from a seasoned, certified MBSR instructor. 

  • Too busy for group classes

  • Enjoy a more private setting

  • Want a more customized program and individual coaching



Beginners welcome! In fact, I love working with people that have a true beginner’s mind.


Online sessions are held on Zoom, in a private, secure virtual space. (Must have high-speed internet access). If you’re in the Des Moines, Iowa area, we can meet in person. Allison's office hours are in the East Village on Fridays, 9am-2pm.


Many times, we are our own worst critic.  Learn how to be gentle to yourself and still maintain your edge.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations made 7 or more days prior to date of first session: Full fee is transferable for use within 6 months from session start date. 
Cancellations made 24 to 72 hours prior to date of first session: 50% of full fee is transferable for use within 6 months from session start date. 
Less than 24 hours notice prior to date of your session, no shows, and withdrawing mid-program: Full fee is forfeited. 
If you pay via the online credit card system or Paypal and you request a refund, From Within Wellness, LLC will refund you the total amount less a 3% surcharge fee for credit card processing.

I developed tinnitus a few months ago. I discovered there is no cure, but learning to cope with the constant sound in my ears from my brain was the only solution. I spoke with an expert in tinnitus at the University of Iowa. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction was recommended. Allison was endorsed by a highly-respected director of counseling in the central Iowa area, so I decided to give her eight week course a try. OMGosh, I am so glad I did! I am a high energy, anxious person. My stress has been reduced, and I now have the tools keep myself calmer. It feels so good. The meditation links provided by Allison are top-notch and remain available after the course ends. I took the course via Zoom, but received all the personal attention I needed. Follow up, communication etc. were always prompt, professional and tailored to my needs. In addition, she is simply an overall lovely person with whom to communicate and spend time. I also signed up for a famous, nationally known MBSR tinnitus course out of California. Allison’s guided meditations are far superior. Allison’s private course is totally worth the time, money and effort. Go for it.

- Mary

June 2021

Loved taking this course with Allison! I learned so much about myself and my stress/anxiety was reduced a ton in just 8 short weeks. I loved the at-home practice and the overall MBSR experience. I will take what I learned in to my daily life for sure! Highly recommend working with Allison!

- Elaine

August 2022

I am so thankful that I discovered Allison and the practice of mindfulness when I did! As a mother, a small business owner, and a person who thrives on social interaction, the year of covid had been a rollercoaster that brought me to a level of stress and anxiety that I had never before experienced. With so much responsibility in a time that so much was out of my control, I was trying to do too much while losing my sense of engagement with the most important things in my life. Playing with the kids, but my mind was elsewhere on work- my 6 year old busted me for this all of the time…”MOM, you say you’re plating with me, but you’re not really playing with me!”. At just the right time, I met Allison, learned about MBSR, and quickly signed up for 8 weeks of private sessions. At the completion of my sessions, I am absolutely amazed at how my headspace has so easily cleared with the simple act of mindfulness. I feel human again because I’m no longer trying to multitask as if I were a computer with 12 windows open and running. I’m still just as busy with work and family, but the difference is that I make a point to stay fully engaged with each of them. When I play a game with my 6 year old, he has my full attention- and he feels it…”Mom, it makes me so happy when you just sit down and play with me like this.” I’m back to living my best life. I am so grateful for you, Allison!!


Apex Dental

I’m very thankful I discovered individual mindfulness sessions with Allison. I wanted to be more connected to myself and those around me and bring more acceptance in my life. Having the 1 to 1 attention is the best way, in my opinion, to be exposed to this type of experiential learning. Without the personalized sessions, I would not have been exposed to the wide variety of meditations and education, and not have had as much personal growth either, as with a group setting. The ability for Allison to recognize my reflections and insights from my mindfulness experience, and incorporate what I was learning into the next lesson is exceptional. She has extensive knowledge and personal experience that helps me to integrate this more wakeful, kind, generous way of living into my daily life. This practice is at the core of our humanity. She really does walk the walk and meets the client where they are. I’m so glad I did this!

- Phil

February 2022

I would recommend Allison to anyone, and, in fact, I do recommend her all the time to friends and acquaintances! I have learned so much from her. She is compassionate and incredibly passionate about what she does. She does a wonderful job of tailoring her sessions to the individual client. At the time I started going to Allison I was under considerable stress and she gave me new tools to help with relaxation and mindfulness. Through my sessions with her, I now see and feel the power of the present moment. It has helped me tremendously with stress and worry. My life is honestly changed for the better because of Allison!

- Katie

December 2018

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